A Tool to Help Students Stay on Track to Graduate With My Degree Path – Coming 10/15/12

My Degree Path Screen Shot

Have your students ever wondered:

  • What classes do I still need to graduate?
  • What if I change my major?
  • How do I plan what courses to take next semester?

Introducing, a tool to help students stay on a clear path to graduation!  Starting October 15 – they will be able to log into their Online Student Center accounts and access this tool.  Explore. Plan. Learn. Graduate.

My Degree Path is a web-based tool designed to help you stay on a clear path to graduation.   It enables you and your advisor to review your coursework – past, present, and future – and evaluate which degree requirements you have completed and which remain to be completed.

My Degree PathHow does My Degree Path work?
For students, My Degree Path will:

  • Provide real-time advice, 24/7 for students
  • Outline a path to graduation for a specific GRCC program
  • Allows for the creation of semester by semester degree plan
  • Provides self-service capabilities
  • Allows exploration of other GRCC programs (what if)
  • Allows direct access to multiple related services and advice

More information available at grcc.edu/MyDegreePath

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