Thank You From Andy Bowne

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the GRCC team for the past nine years. Thank you for all of the conversations, emails, cards, phone calls, and to all who stopped by during the open house yesterday. I am humbled by all of these gestures of support, encouragement, and friendship.

GRCC is made up of really incredible people doing exceptional work. I say it often, we have such talented faculty who love to teach and help students. And, that we are blessed with gifted staff across the college… across all employee groups!

I’ve been blessed to lead two fantastic teams of people who roll up their sleeves and go to work- Training Solutions & Job Training and the College Advancement. The success that has been achieved by these teams is the result of good people, good planning, and good execution. Thanks for all you do.

I’m not good at saying good-bye. So, it is with incredibly mixed emotions that I say “see you later”. I trust that you’ll continue the excellent work that you’ve all been doing for many, many years.

In humble and sincere gratitude –


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