College Park Plaza Now Unoccupied – New offices for IRP, Communications and General Counsel

Foundation, Institutional Research and Planning, General Counsel and Communications are completing their move today to their new locations on DeVos Campus.  IRP and General Counsel are moving to Mable Engle, and Communications is moving to the first floor of the Admin Building.

Tomorrow College Park Plaza will be completely vacated and contractors will move in. Note that the College Park Plaza parking ramps, both the guest ramp off of Lyon St. and the employee ramp off of Division Ave., will be closed and unavailable for employee or guest use.

GRCC In The News 10-9-12

Unearthed in the archives: 1960 downtown Grand Rapids sketch hints at the city’s past and future

A 1960 imagining of what Grand Rapids might have looked like in 1975.

The Grand Rapids Press October 08, 2012 at 10:12 PM

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — I came across this aerial sketch of downtown Grand Rapids in the archives recently and spent quite a while just staring at it, trying to reconcile what I was seeing in this image with the actual Grand Rapids of today.