Reminders From Print Solutions

Mailing Address

Please remember that if you are located at another building in the downtown area, the 143 Bostwick mailing address is the official campus mailing address.  Mail with incorrect mailing addresses will only delay  mail. Check out the delivery schedules at

Printing Charges

Last fiscal year the College spent $16,189.88 in extra expenses between the desktop printers and the Canon mfps due to large amounts of prints and copies.  The College spends 6.5 cents on every copy and print on the Canon mfps to the vendor –  but staff is only charged 5 cents – and the desktop printers cost the College 11.9 cents a print.   If you were to print 100 copies of 1 sheet, double sided on your office copier/printer it would cost $10.00 But if you were to send it to Print Solutions your 100 copies of 1 sheet double sided would cost $ 8.36 ?

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