GRCC’s Career Coach Connects Students to Careers and Degrees

A new tool from Economic Modeling Specialists is now available on GRCC’s Web Site.  To access this tool, click on the Career Coach icon as it appears on our homepage or search “Career Coach” to find the GRCC Career Coach Information Page.  This user-friendly web-based tool allows students to get regional career information from the GRCC website. Career Coach markets careers and programs to students by providing valuable information on how wages, occupational trends and careers connect to education and training at GRCC.  Students can also create their own resumes with Resume Builder.

GRCC is launching Career Coach internally so that faculty and staff may share this valuable tool with students.  At the same time Institutional Research and Planning is asking for feedback on how to improve the tool.  In January, Career Coach will be offered to our external partners as a free career exploration tool.  Once students have a goal, they are much more likely to be successful in college.  Career Coach helps to solidify that goal.  Contact Mark Champion, Information Analyst, Institutional Research and Planning for more information.

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