Disability Support Services National Disability Awareness Month

Famous people with disabilities include:

  • Beethoven – deafness
  • Alexander Graham Bell-hearing impairment
  • Julius Caesar-epilepsy
  • Jessica Alba- obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Roy Campanella-paraplegia
  • Agatha Christie-learning Disability
  • Thomas Edison-hearing impairment, learning disability
  • Katharine Hepburn-Parkinson’s disease
  • Helen Keller-blindness and deafness
  • Mary Tyler Moore-diabetes
  • Nelson Rockefeller-learning disability
  • Ernest Hemingway-learning disability
  • Wilma Rudolph-Polio
  • Stevie Wonder-blindness
  • Stephen Hopkins-Cerebral Palsy
  • Winston Churchill-learning disability
  • Justin Timberlake-obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder

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