Print Solutions Ordering Deadlines

Most of the leaves have gone through their awe-inspiring transformation and now are on the ground to be picked up. Snow will soon start to fall and we will be getting ready for the joyous Holidays. Time certainly does go by quickly. Now is the perfect time to begin submitting your requests for course materials that you will need for the Winter Semester.

The Bookstore has gone through some transformation itself at the start of this semester. It is our hope to work more collaboratively with their team in order to serve your needs better. We are adopting their textbook ordering deadlines for course packs as well. Once you have your course assignment, please try to have your course pack or quick copy orders in within the following deadlines:
Deadline 1 – Already passed – October 5
Deadline 2 – December 7
Deadline 3 – NA
Deadline 4 – December 14
Please like our page on Facebook for more valuable information and dates:

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