Raider Salute To Those Who Contributed To Success Of Infrastructure Upgrade Info Session

A huge thanks to all who contributed to making yesterday’s GRCC INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADE RENOVATION INFORMATIONAL SESSION a HUGE success! We had over 100 suppliers and contractors in attendance where we shared valuable information on how to engage in our bond projects, particularly as related to BIM (Building Information Modeling). Those in attendance were enthusiastic and we received a plethora of valuable feedback and positive comments.
Raul Alvarez, Dale Betts,  Duane David, Melissa  Davis, Dewayn Faber, Lisa Frieburger, Vicki Janowiak, Abbot Kastanek, Mike Kidder, Holly Kleyn, Klaas Kwant, Scott Martin, Joe Milito, Malinda Powers, Dorothy Sadony, Thomas Smith, Jim VanDokkumburg, Donovan Wallace, Becky Yoder, Tim Zerfas  and all others who contributed – we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!
Mansfield W. Matthewson
Director of Purchasing

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