Be energy smart during 2012 Thanksgiving break

A message from energy manager Dorothy Sadony:

As you prepare to leave for the Thanksgiving break, please remember this simple but vital concept: If you won’t be using something, make sure it won’t be wasting energy.

Whether you’re faculty, staff, or a student worker at GRCC, you’ll soon leave behind a room full of appliances and electronic devices that suck valuable electricity from the wall as long as they’re plugged in —  even if they’re turned off.

To make sure that we do not waste any energy this weekend, please remember to:

  • shut off all computers and monitors in your classroom when classes are done on Tuesday, November 20.
  • look around the room before closing that door for the long weekend — is there anything still powered “on” that doesn’t need to be?
  • turn off your computer, monitor, speakers, and local printers.
  • unplug chargers for cell phone, camera, and other electronics.
  • unplug any small appliances, if possible.
  • close the curtains and blinds.

After taking those steps, you can enjoy the holiday knowing you did your part to help save energy and the environment.