Student employees may be eligible to get W-2s electronically

In our continued efforts toward sustainability, Grand Rapids Community College is encouraging all current student employees to receive their W-2s electronically. This option is only available to student employees actively working at the start of the current calendar year.

There are many benefits to receiving your W-2 electronically, including:
  • Receiving your W-2 earlier! Student employees who give consent to receive their W-2 electronically will receive their W-2 at least one week earlier than those who receive paper forms.
  • Guaranteed delivery! No possibility of your W-2 being stolen, lost in the mail or sent to the wrong address
  • Easy access to duplicate copies! Once the W-2 form has been posted, it can be accessed and reprinted as many times as you need. For those who receive their W-2 through regular mail, re-issued statements will not be available until on or after March 1, and there will be a $10 service charge for the re-issued statement.
  • Access to prior year W-2! You will have easy access to previous year W-2s, starting with the 2011 calendar year.

Student employees who provide consent before January 25, 2013, will receive an email notification when the 2012 W-2s are available. By consenting to receive your W-2 electronically, you agree to view and print your W-2 through GRCC’s self-service. You will not receive a paper copy, but you may print the electronic version as often as you like.

This consent will be valid for all future tax years, unless you revoke your consent or employment is terminated.Paper W-2s will be mailed no later than January 31 of each year, to those who have not given consent or prefer to receive a paper copy.

If you wish to receive electronic W-2s, click here for instructions on how to give consent. Once you have indicated your consent, we encourage you to get familiar with this new process by viewing and or printing your 2011 W-2. Please keep in mind you will not need to give consent again once your 2012 W-2 is made available.

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