Next manufacturing workshop starts January 23, 2013

GRCC’s Workforce Training has developed a series of short and relevant workshops that focus specifically on growing your knowledge and skills of manufacturing. The ultimate goal is to impact the quality and profitability of your company. Why is this important? From print reading and interpreting to inspecting final product, your skills are critical to providing a consistently high-quality product. Your employer will benefit but you will too. The quick module program allows you to focus on the specific skills which will help you better understand and execute your manufacturing responsibilities.

We know you don’t have time to waste!

Who should take the series? This series is designed for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of manufacturing production process tools. That  includes, but it is not limited to, entry-level positions, operators, new supervisors, inspectors, leads, supervisors, and support personnel. These courses have been designed from feedback we receive from area businesses.

Series modules:

  • 5S – Organizing the Workplace
  • Measuring and Gaging (CORE)
  • Problem Solving – 8 Steps & 5 Whys
  • Statistical Process Control – SPC I
  • Statistical Process Control – SPC II
  • Basic Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

The next class starts January 23, 2013. To register, click here.

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