Sign up for next Online and Hybrid Certification Course

On January 18, 2013, the Online and Hybrid Certification Course (OHCC)  began with 16 faculty enrolled from the following departments: Business, Physical Science, Nursing Program, English, Biological Sciences, Center for Teaching Excellence, Dental Auxiliary, Culinary Education, and Accounting.

Online learning continues to grow rapidly across the nation with more than 6.7 million students — almost a third of all students — taking at least one online course in the fall 2011 semester, according to the Babson Survey Research Group.

This winter semester, there are over 6,200 enrollments in online and hybrid courses at GRCC.

The OHCC is required for faculty interested in teaching an online or hybrid course at GRCC.  The course is six weeks long and held entirely online with optional face-to-face meetings on Friday afternoons.  If you are interested in becoming certified to teach online, you can sign up through the Center for Teaching Excellence for the next training session!

The following topics are addressed in this certification:

  • Online and Hybrid Course Syllabus
  • Online and Hybrid Course Schedule
  • Accessible Online Content
  • Copyright Compliance
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Consistency in Course Design
  • Academic Integrity and Authentication
  • Building Online Community
  • Facilitating Online and Hybrid Learning
  • Preparing the Online Learner
  • GRCC Online Course Development Process
  • GRCC Student Support Services
  • Online Course Quality

More information about this course is available by reviewing the OHCC syllabus.

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