Patchwork on College Park Plaza mezzanine to be finished this week

Some updates about renovations to College Park Plaza:

  • Fireproofing patchwork of the steel and metal deck is complete on the second and third floors. The mezzanine is scheduled to be finished January 29, 2013.
  • Installation of the HW process piping continues on the third and fourth floors.
  • Electrical rough-ins continue on the fourth floor.
  • Dry-wall, metal stud, and patchwork for some walls continues on the fourth floor.
  • The mechanical contractor is installing ductwork on the fourth floor.
  • The new air handling units for the ramp-level mechanical room have been set in place. Ductwork and piping continues to be installed in this area.
  • Reinforcement of the steel I-beams is 20 percent complete on the sixth floor. The eight columns for the new chiller supports have been installed on the roof.
  • Installation of the fire suppression piping has started on the sixth floor.

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