GRCC to stick with GroupWise email system

As we embarked down a path of a possible change in email systems, Darcy Swope led a team that spent the past 2 – 3 months examining unique features in GroupWise that you are using and trying to find ways to accomplish in GMail. The team’s final report was brought to Executive Leadership recently to examine and make a final decision.

Upon further review, it was determined that there were a few key function in GroupWise that did not have a 1-1 correspondence in GMail. These functions impacted a few key processes for the institution, and Executive Leadership has made the decision to not switch to GMail at this time. We will revisit in the future as Google continues to add functionality and improves its accessibility.

Our thanks go out to Darcy and her team, as they did an excellent job and their work will be a baseline the next time we examine other email solutions. Thanks also to all of those who participated on the GMail Technical Team and GMail Users Teams. A special thanks to those who participated in the GMail Discussions, we needed your input to understand how you use GroupWise.

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