GRCC In the News, 2-15-13

Holt school district might offer ‘middle college’

February 14, 2013; Lansing State Journal

HOLT — The Holt Public School District’s administration is proposing to create a middle college to expand the options for its seniors and allow for an increase in the number of freshman students.

… A similar model is being used with the Wyoming School District and Grand Rapids Community College, Manikas said.

Rockford hires two newly minted Public Safety Officers

February 14, 2013; The Rockford Squire

Anyone entertaining the thought of a career in law enforcement must gird themselves for, what for most would be, an insurmountable process leading to a life of protecting and serving others. It will be a dedicated lifetime of intense learning and oftentimes self-sacrifice.

Candidates for job openings in law enforcement will spend thousands of hours in preparation and training, said Rockford’s Chief of Public Safety, Dave Jones.

… In seeking to add new part-time Public Safety Officers to Rockford’s current staff, Chief Jones, in a close working relationship with the coordinator of GRCC’s Criminal Justice Program, has been able to identify and hire two recent graduates of GRCC’s Police Academy. “These two outstanding gentlemen are the cream of the crop, the very best they (GRCC) had to offer,” said Chief Jones.

Upcoming Intriguing Conversation explores creating a Michigan-Themed cookbook

February 14, 2013; The Holland Sentinel

Saugatuck — The Intriguing Conversation series at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts, 400 Culver St., continues with a conversation with West Michigan author Jay Beeler and photographer Dianne Carroll Burdick. The event takes place 7 p.m., Feb. 21. Admission is free, donations appreciated.

… Burdick is a free-lance photographer, photography instructor at Grand Rapids Community College, and a continuing studies instructor at Kendall College of Art and Design.

The book will be available for sale, and Beeler and Burdick will sign copies following the conversation.

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