As a teacher have you ever wondered “do my students get what I am saying”?  Are they going to use this material?  The Wellness Department Principles of Physical Education Class has been teaching at East Leonard and Kent Hills Elementary an Organ Wise Guys Program.  The goal of the program, an Armen Awards finalist, is to teach the GRCC students and Elementary students the importance of a healthy diet, proper exercise, and how the body works.   The PE 184 students are all assigned an elementary classroom for the whole semester and are in charge of teaching the Organ Wise Guys Program.

GRCC students Nolan Brower and Ralph Peterson need to be recognized as doing a great job teaching because one of their 3rd graders at East Leonard, Ethan, just won an award for his essay that he wrote in regards to eating a good breakfast.  Ethan entered into a Grand Rapids Public School District wide essay contest.  The essay was for 1st through 8th graders and the essay had to explain the “importance of eating a good healthy breakfast”.  Ethan won a bike, helmet and lock for his essay.

Congratulations to GRCC students Nolan and Ralph and East Leonard 3rd grader Ethan for their amazing job on transferring the material learned in the classroom and making a difference.

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