Worksite Wellness classes offered

What is Worksite Wellness?

Worksite wellness refers to the education and activities an employer may do to promote healthy lifestyles to employees and their families.

Why Worksite Wellness?

An investment in employees’ health may lower health care costs, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve morale.

Staff Development is pleased to offer 10 new Worksite Wellness classes to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and better prepare you for the everyday challenges of being healthy.

Each day becomes a challenge with mixed nutrition and health messages and a seemingly endless array of concerns about lifestyle and diet. Healthy eating and regular physical activity are lifestyle decisions that help reduce the risk of certain conditions such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, certain cancers and osteoporosis. In this Adult Nutrition Series, Sarah Van Eerden, Registered Dietitian from the Kent County Health Department, will teach employees successful tools for adopting behaviors that will produce a healthier workforce.

Please take a few minutes to review the course offerings below, which will be offered between June and December of this year. Online registration is available at .


Staying Healthy in a Hectic World

Wed May 8, 2013

11 AM – 12:30 PM

118 Calkins Science Center

Eating healthy all the time can be challenging, but it is not impossible. This presentation covers three basic nutrition hazards: salt, sugar and fat. Using helpful tips to avoid extra calories and maintain your weight, you will avoid packing on those extra five pounds while still enjoying the foods you love. Plan on leaving with a few great tools to help keep you on track with healthy eating all year long, even through the holiday season.


You Can! Parenting Tips on Healthy Eating

Thu May 23, 2013

11 AM – 12:30 PM

138 Calkins Science Center

Do you need help identifying and providing nutritious snack and meal options for your children? It is so important to help your child expand his/her healthy diet choices to combat rise in diabetes, obesity and hypertension being seen in children as young as 3 years old. Receive resources and tips to help your child have the healthiest diet and lifestyle behaviors starting now!


Understanding Organics

Tue June 11, 2013

2-3 PM

122 Calkins Science Center

Organic. Natural. Free-Range. Hormone-free. It seems like every food has a label touting that it’s fresh, whole or green! A Registered Dietician will help you decipher the facts and know what’s what in the world of organic and natural foods. You’ll leave with an understanding or organic food production and how to choose whether or not to buy organic.


Cooking With Herbs & Spices

Wed June 24, 2013

10-11:30 PM

122 Calkins Science Center

Eliminate salt from your cooking and have fun with new flavors! Get tips on using fresh and dried herbs, spices and learn how paring flavors with healthy foods can take your meals to the next level.


Cooking Healthy & Delicious the Mediterranean Way

Thu Aug 15, 2013

10-11:30 AM

118 Calkins Science Center

Discover the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet and how to make it part of your lifestyle. The class will take you on a journey around the Mediterranean by sampling delicious menu items and introducing you to new recipe ideas.


Sneaky Nutrition-Parenting Tips

Tue Sept 10, 2013

2-3 PM

405 Calkins Science Center

Moms and Dads: If your picky eaters are keeping the fruits and vegetables out of your meals, fear no more! Learn how to sneak nutrients into your meals and tactics to introduce new foods over time.


Making Healthy Eating Fun

Tue Sept 24, 2013

11 AM – 12 PM

139 Calkins Science Center

Continuation of Sneaky Nutrition-Parenting Tips session presented on Tuesday, September 10th.   Learn more ways to sneak nutrients into your meals and tactics to introduce new foods over time.


Great Grains

Thu Oct 17, 2013

12-1:30 PM

125/127 Calkins Science Center

Quinoa. Wheatberries. Flaxseed. Farro. Explore these grains plus many more and start thinking beyond processed wheat products when it comes to whole grains. Taste test new grains and leave with many inspirational recipes.


Healthy Eating on Shoestring Budget

Wed Nov 16, 2013

2-3:30 PM

125/127 Calkins Science Center

Eating healthy does not mean you have to break the bank. With planning, and the tips and recipes from this class, you can easily add nutritious snacks and meals to your diet while sticking to your food budget.


Get Creative with Beans

Tue Dec 3, 2013

2-3:30 PM

125/127 Calkins Science Center

Enjoy these nutrition powerhouses at breakfast, lunch and dinner! Discover different types of beans and how to incorporate the inexpensive and nutritious food in your meals. This class will change how you see beans forever!