Policy highlights

Highlights for Facility Use Policy (new):

  • This is a new Policy
  • The “Facility Use and Fee Structure” document  was never a policy;  the process for approval for use and related fee structures was not consistent across campus facilities
  • The previous “Facility Use and Fee Structure” document has not been reviewed/updated since December 2001.
  • Proposed policy establishes facility use intent, prioritizes use hierarchy and establishes expectations for fees
  • This policy will apply to all campus facilities.
  • GRCC’s fee structure must still be reviewed and updated.
  • A fees and procedures document will still need to be developed.

Highlights of Recommended Changes to Policy 10.1, Tuition and Fees (revised)

  • A provision for a separate dual enrollment rate was incorporated into the revised policy (item #4)
  • The statement around universal fees was clarified (item #5)
  • The statement indicating that any student that is not a United States Citizen will be charged out of state tuition was eliminated, and the section describing acceptable documentation to prove residency was expanded.
  • The policy statement has been expanded to reference job training and construction trades.

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