Active Commute Week challenge starts May 13, 2013

Active Commute Week is coming up quickly! During the week of May 13-17, you are invited to participate in the Active Commute Week challenge. Some of the other schools and businesses competing in the challenge are Steelcase, Cascade Engineering, Meijer, GVSU and the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition.

“Active commuting” refers to anything that does not involve driving your own car (or van or bus or motor home) to do your daily tasks such as getting to work, running to the grocery store etc. Active Commuting is riding the city bus, walking, biking, rollerblading or skateboarding. It is being an active participant in your transportation; expending human energy and reducing consumption of fossil fuels and air pollution.

At the end of that week, on May 17 is National Ride Your Bike To Work Day.

To track your participation, visit and click on Active Commute Week Challenge (under the photos that are scrolling) and then on the right hand side of that page, sign up under Part Of Employer Challenge Team under GRCC.

If you have any questions call or email Julie Otte x3490 or


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