Architectural and Mechanical Design Student Wins $40,000 Scholarship to Lawrence Technological University


Andrew Bifulco won the Best of Show in the Motor City mixed-media arts competition. It was an arts competition sponsored by Lawrence Technological University. The muse for the competition was founded upon Detroit’s classic nickname, and challenged aspiring artists, designers, and architects to deconstruct, challenge, expand, contract and otherwise reposition this well-worn phrase.

The following is an excerpt from Andrew’s artist statement: “This piece represents the idea that perhaps cutting edge technology and sexy new designs are not the answer to Detroit’s troubling situation. Many residents have started urban community farms. There is a growing culture of cycling enthusiasts and makers of handmade and artisanal goods. “Spirit” suggests that perhaps the future of Detroit is one which will be low tech. Nature has been taking back the city as if the ground is consuming what sprung up decades ago.”

The award is $10,000 annually renewable for four years ($40,000 total) to a Lawrence Tech program. Andrew will be taking the Integrated Design Studio offered by Lawrence Technological University at GRCC next fall. This studio is offered in conjunction with the Architectural Design Associate degree offered by GRCC. After taking the Integrated Design Studio and the completing Architectural Design Associate degree Andrew will transfer with Junior status at Lawrence Tech to complete the Master of Architecture program in Southfield.

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