Maryann Lesert to work on novels during sabbatical

Maryann Lesert

Maryann Lesert

Grand Rapids Community College’s Sabbatical Committee is excited to endorse Associate Professor Maryann Lesert’s Sabbatical application for winter semester 2014.

Professor Lesert’s application represents an exemplary level of scholarly endeavor for which we should all aim. The committee found many strengths and no weaknesses in her application, not only as a well written document but also meeting all the requirements of what is expected.  Her proposal deserves the College’s most prestigious professional development opportunity.

She plans to work on writing two novels, both of which center around local environmental issues. Her work on these critical issues will directly benefit her students, the College, and the community as she has already become a well-known resource on the subject.

The enthusiastic support of Dean Chesley and Department Head Balyeat reinforced our opinion of the worthiness of her proposal.

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