Raider Salute to Grace Schwanda and DLIT

From a comment form managed by the Student Feedback Management Team:

I enjoy going to school here. I have gone to another community college, I wont state the name, but they were not as helpful and understanding as GRCC. GRCC has wonderful and caring online teachers and I look forward to starting up this fall with my on campus classes and hope they have teachers just as great as my online classes did. One teacher that stood out more than the rest was my music teacher Grace Schwanda, I hope GRCC appreciates her hard work as much as I do, she truly cares about her work and her students. Thank you, GRCC!

2 thoughts on “Raider Salute to Grace Schwanda and DLIT

  1. It is always encouraging when students give positive feedback about their instructors. I wonder if this was an online class because I know DLIT has to do with Blackboard. I do not see any relevant mention, though. Regardless, it’s nice getting this kind of feedback.

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