ESP team seeks help for Relay for Life

A message from Staci Dever:

Good morning everyone! I am excited to report that the GRCC ESP Team for the Relay for Life has raised just over $780 so far. We are at 15% of our goal of $5,000. I would like to ask everyone to make a big push these next two weeks and aim to have raised 50% of our goals (or $2,500) before June 13th.

There are many ways you can help! I have pledge sheets you can use to ask family and friend to donate. Completing 1 pledge sheet will equal $100! We also have footprints for sale that you can redeem at our booth on the 14th or 15th for a free goodie!

If you cannot help financially, we are still looking for a few things to borrow for our booth.

If you are intersted in helping in anyway, please contact me at, Penni Weninger at, or Delicia Willondja at


Thank you all so much for your help with this important event!

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