Automotive students teach faculty, staff about tire alignment

On June 6, the Automotive Job Training students at Tassell M-TEC had a unique opportunity to teach employees about alignment and why it is important for your cars. The students created a YouTube video explaining the process of diagnosing an alignment issue and how to fix it. After watching the employees watched the video, the students took them out to the cars to demonstrate their skills.

Four automotive students graduated on June 6, and  all of them have employment lined up.

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GRCC In the News, 6-6-13

High school graduates or young adults: Employment workshop could help you land a job

June 5, 2013; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Is your high school graduate in the process of looking for a job? An upcoming four-day youth employment workshop can help them tweak their resume, fill-out job applications and practice for job interviews.

… Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Community College, Upward Bound, Kent Intermediate School District (KISD), Kris Mathis Enterprise and Express Employment are hosting the event, which will be held June 10-13 at various locations.

Graduation 2013: Wavecrest Career Academy

June 5, 2013; The Holland Sentinel

Holland — Overheard: What’s your favorite high school memory?

… Top grads: Nathan Weenum was awarded the Staff Scholarship and Principal’s Award, Jasmine Torres was awarded the Community Scholarship, and Nathan Minnema and Jake VanSuilichem were honored for earning college credits at Grand Rapids Community College.

Record-setting season comes to end for Saugatuck softball squad

June 5, 2013; The Commercial Record (Allegan County)

A record-setting season came to an end for the Saugatuck softball team on Saturday, June 1.

… Perez-Pala ended her career on a personal high note, collecting two of the Indians three hits. (Nikki) Kupres, who will continue her softball career at Grand Rapids Community College next season, had the other.

Automated Parking Ramps at GRCC

We are nearing the end of our automation work on the Bostwick Parking ramp.  The fifth floor exit out to Ransom is complete with two student RaiderCard exits, and one Pay In Lane machine. The first floor exit on to Bostwick leading to Fountain will be completed by Friday evening, June 7th, with one staff and one student exit. The student exit will accept RaiderCards, Cash, Credit, and Debit.

Work will begin on the 6th floor (roof level) on Monday June 10th.  The 6th floor exit to Ransom Street will be completely closed for approximately two weeks. This is the last ramp to be completed which will make all of GRCC’s parking ramps automated. In addition to cash and Raidercards, GRCC will now accept debit and credit cards at all parking ramps using the Pay in Lane Machines. This means no attendants will be working in any of our ramps, however we will still have the parking managers on duty from 7 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. to assist those needing help to exit.

What Automation means for our employees:  Employees will see very little difference, however those that have been parking in the student section by pulling a ticket to enter, signing the back of their ticket and giving it to the attendant as they exit will no longer be able to do that. All employees must enter and exit through the employee gates using their RaiderCards. If employees chose to park in the student/public section they will have to pay at the Pay In Lane machine to exit the ramp. The current rate is $1 per half hour up to a daily rate maximum of $9.

We also  ask that all employees who interact with new students, help spread the word on automation as listed below.

What Automation means for our Students: Students will be able to exit at all student exits areas using their RaiderCards at the student rate of $2.50 per gate lift, regardless of the length of their stay.  Students must have enough money on their RaiderCard to exit, fail to pay slips will no longer be available, as there are no attendants to issue them.  If a student does not have their RaiderCard, or does not have money on their card they will need to pay the public parking rate at the Pay In Lane Machine…if they didn’t pull a ticket to get in they will push the lost ticket button and pay $9. Students can also pull a ticket and pay with cash, credit, or debit card at the pay in lane just like a non-student.   They will pay the public rate for the length of time they were in the lot.

Retirees and the Older Learners Program: GRCC Retirees (Golden Raiders) will continue to have access to the student/public parking lot at no charge.  Their RaiderCards have been programed to work at the student entrances and exits.  It is recommended that all retirees wanting to park on campus obtain a new RaiderCard to work with the touch/tap readers (instead of swiping the card). Contact Paulo Teles in Student Life if you have a problem with your card.  Participants in the Older Learners Program should contact their instructors or Mike Faber for a validated parking ticket to exit through the pay in lane machines.  They will pull a ticket to enter and put the entrance ticket and validated ticket in the machine as directed by the machine to exit. Golden Age passes issued through the Kent Intermediate School District will not longer be accepted for parking on campus, as there are no attendants to present the card to.

Visitors:  Visitors will pull a ticket upon entry and when they exit they will use the pay in lane machine to pay with cash, credit, debit, or college guest passes provided by college departments when appropriate.

Please let Chief Whitman know if anyone has any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your assistance and patience throughout this project.