Wellness Department and Older Learner Center Collaboration

Another day of learning took place with GRCC Wellness students and Older Learner Center participants.  The topic of the day was learning about arthritis.  The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis; over 27 million people have this disease.  They learned that the best thing to do if you have this condition is to keep moving and being physically active.  After a great lecture they then took it to the trails and went on a great outdoor adventure/walk on the Kent Trails.  For more information on Arthritis visit the Arthritis Foundation website at:  http://www.arthritis.org/.  Thank you to Lannie Collard (Older Learner Center Instructor), Melanie Schiele Gady (Wellness Department Instructor), GRCC Wellness Students, and the Older Learner Center students.

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