GRCC In the News, 6-25-13

Victoria Premiers Luncheon at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

June 17, 2013; (Australia)

It was just perfect Sunday morning where I attended a fabulous luncheon invited by the Premier Dr Denis Napthine of the Victoria State Government at BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. That fabulous morning not just only myself and the media but the Malaysian food industry leaders had a taste of Victorian food at this special showcase lunched prepared by Melbourne food icon Daniel Wilson, head chef and owner of Huxtable and the Huxtaburger outlets.

(Article doesn’t mention it, but Daniel Wilson is a GRCC alumnus.)

Supreme Court tightens up Affirmative Action

June 24, 2013;

Colleges and universities are going to have stricter affirmative action guidelines to follow after the Supreme Court’s ruling Monday. The Supreme Court is insisting schools look at alternative factors, using the applicant’s race last when making admission decisions. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli was quoted by the “Today Show” stating, “For example, they will look for individuals who will play against racial stereotypes just by what they bring: The African-American fencer, the Hispanic who has who has mastered classical Greek.”

… Grand Rapids Community College’s student body is currently 71% White, 14% African American, and only 7% Hispanic, with 4% unknown. Grand Valley State University is 85% White, 5% African American, and 4% Hispanic, with 1% unknown. Other colleges in Grand Rapids have similar student body populations, including Ferris State University, Calvin College, and Grace Bible College.

Heritage Special Tuesday June 25th

The Heritage is hosting a pre-set menu on Tuesday, June 25. Please join the Secchia class as they prepare this wonderful four-course meal. Please call 234-3700 to make a reservation.

Soup: Cream of Mushroom Soup garnished with sautéed Mushrooms and Chives.

Salad: Roasted Butternut Squash Salad served with Dried Blueberries and Lemon Vinaigrette.

Entree: Maple Glazed Grilled Chicken Breast atop Roasted Vegetable Medley Green Beans, and Red Wine Balsamic Sauce. Vegetarian option available.

Dessert: A surprise!

$13.75 per person