Congratulations to Cheryl Kautz

Cheryl Kautz with Jay Bhatt, president and CEO of Blackboard Inc.

Cheryl Kautz with Jay Bhatt, president and CEO of Blackboard Inc.

Congratulations to Cheryl Kautz, Adjunct Instructor in Computer Information Systems, who is the winner of two Blackboard Catalyst Awards for Exemplary Courses. One of the awards she earned was for her CO152 Photoshop course. This course also won “Director’s Choice” for Courses with Distinction (going above and beyond rubric requirements). The program honors members of the community who design and develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning. Cheryl’s courses are a model for best practices in providing course content within Blackboard. She is especially gifted at providing high levels of accessibility for students with disabilities, providing them a “barrier-free” environment so that they can fully participate in her courses. We in the CIS Department are fortunate to have Cheryl on our team! On behalf of us all, thanks for the excellent work, Cheryl!

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2 Comments on “Congratulations to Cheryl Kautz”

  1. Mursalata Says:

    Great Job!!!!!!!!

  2. […] over 200 entries. This is the second such award achieved by CIS faculty in the past two years: Cheryl Kautz received two Blackboard Catalyst awards in […]

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