All Bostwick ramp gates to be open for remainder of week

For the remainder of this week, August 7th-9th, all gates on all levels of the Bostwick Ramp will be open (up) for all access. This is so the electrical work on the panel can be completed. That panel will effect power to the gate arms. Parking will be available throughout the ramp, and the contractors will rope off the area they are in.

Some of the lighting fixtures are expected to be shipped on Friday the 9th. If they have arrive and they are ready to begin installation on Monday, we will closed the student and visitor parking on levels one through five. The roof will remain available and employee parking will remain available those four days. On Friday the 16th, all levels of student parking will be available for the Raider Rally..however the employee section will be closed, and all employees who normally park in Bostwick will need to park in the Barclay or Lyon lots on Friday the 16th.

We can keep the roof level open for entry and exit until such time as the resurfacing takes place at the exit. At that time the roof level exit will need to be closed. Stay tuned for further details as we lock down the contractor’s schedule based on equipment arrival.

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