Changes made to college policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

FMLA Policy (revised)

  • Updated to provide more detailed information around the federal guidelines, procedures, and the process.
  • Newly added provisions related to military service
  • Measurement period changed from rolling calendar year to fiscal year effective July 1, 2013.

Open Flame policy (revised)

  • Added Sneden and White Halls

Energy Conservation (revised)

  • Revised policy statement for greater clarity
  • Changes are noted in Section XIII

Tuition Refund Policy (revised – last revised in 1995)

  • Policy re-written to:

—  Ensure consistency in administering refunds.

—  Inform students of the circumstances under which refunds may be granted.

—  Inform students of the process to seek refunds.

  • Requests for refunds outside of the withdrawal periods must be made using the refund appeal process.
  • Refund appeals will be granted for fewer extenuating circumstances (e.g. job change, relocation, loss of transportation). Extenuating circumstances for which refunds will be considered are listed on the appeal form for a student to review when considering making an appeal.
  • (process change) Data coding for refunds was changed to improve future tracking of number of students, extenuating circumstances and refund amounts.
  • (process change) Letters will be sent to each student documenting appeal outcome for tracking and improved communication
  • (process change) There is now a single point of contact for students to initiate an appeal.
  • (process change) New standardized form and access on web
  • Timelines for appeals have been added


Medical Withdrawal Policy:

  • Changes were made to ensure consistency between Tuition Refund Policy and Medical Withdrawal policy.

Criminal Background Check Policy (revised):

  • Policy Statement modified to expand the scope of the policy to address all circumstances when background checks will be used for both students and staff.
  • Included information regarding background checks for study away programs throughout the policy.

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