Bostwick Commons added to Roaming Zones — volunteers needed

Hello everyone!

Many of you have volunteered in the past to help at information stations during the first week of classes.  Once again, we are seeking your help.  However, we’re changing things up a bit this year!

In a document written by Terry O’ Banion (published in 2013) titled, Access, Success, and Completion: A Primer for Community College Faculty, Administrators, Staff, and Trustees, he provides the following charge, “Colleges committed to the Completion Agenda should involve all faculty, administrators, support staff, and returning students to help new students make connections in their first encounters with the college” (p.18.)

This is your chance to be a part of that charge!  Instead of sitting at tables and waiting for questions, this year we’ll be assigning our volunteers Roaming Zones.  You will wear GRCC identifiers (provided by Student Life for your shift) and will be carrying a tablet computer with the resources/info you might need.  You will then wander, mingle and roam, engaging with the students as they come into our buildings and walk around campus.  You will welcome them, ask if they need help, and if time allows, engage in conversation about how they are doing, what they are experiencing, etc.!

This should be a fun experience for us and a welcoming experience for our new students.  We encourage you to bring your business cards, so if you make a connection or a referral, the student can use you as a contact person, if necessary.

Please sign up to help!  We need a LOT of volunteers to make this work.  The links for sign up spreadsheets are listed here (if you experience any issues with the sign up process, please contact Liz Tyrell at

  • Bostwick Commons Roaming Zone Sign Up — click here.
  •  4th Floor Main Roaming Zone Sign Up — click here.
  •  2nd Floor Main Roaming Zone Sign-Up — click here.
  • ATC/LRC Outside Roaming Zone Sign-Up — click here.
  •  Sneden 1st Floor Roaming Zone Sign-Up — click here.

Thank your for your commitment to our students!

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