Changes made to policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

*Multiple Associate Degree

Students may be awarded a second associate degree subject to the following stipulations:

1. Students may earn only one transfer degree (Associate of Arts and only one Associate of Science).

2. The Associate of General Studies degree may not be earned as an additional degree.

3. Subsequent associate degree(s) must each include a minimum of an additional 15 unique semester credit hours earned at GRCC.

4. Degree and program requirements for the additional degree will be based on the catalog that is in effect when the student officially elects the new degree and/or program.

5. No additional degree will be granted in the same program or curriculum in which the first degree was earned.
*GRCC Generated Graduation

Students will automatically be awarded the degrees and certificates that they earn at GRCC. Students will have the opportunity to decline these credentials.


*Acceptance of C-Grades

  • · GRCC will continue its current practice of accepting grades of C- from transfer institutions.
  • · When prerequisites are determined for progression within a degree, a grade of C- or higher must be earned.
  • · Only those departments that offer subject specific pre-requisites, as noted in the current catalog, may continue to use a grade of C or some other earned grade/score to determine progression in a degree program or discipline. These departments will continue to accept C- grades from transfer institutions.


*Textbook Policy

A. Every course shall have an adopted text. Course packs and electronic media can be considered textbooks.

B. Textbooks shall be adopted for no less than two consecutive years.

C. Textbooks shall be adopted through the process established by the respective department/discipline and ordered by the Department Head/Program Director or their designee.

D. Textbooks, which are adopted by the department/discipline, shall be used by all faculty teaching that course.

E. Textbook selection will include the following three primary considerations: 1) quality of content to meet course learning outcomes, 2) cost to students, and 3) equal access as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment (ADAA, Section 504 of the Civil Rights Act of 1973).

F. Variation from this policy and unusual text selection circumstances shall be resolved with the Department Head/Program Director and with the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean.

G. Departments that order textbooks that are electronic or are bundled with electronic media containing courseware or software applications must acquire a sufficient number of licenses for the College to use in its computer labs and classrooms.


*Common Syllabus Components

All full-time and adjunct faculty are required to have the common components below included as a part of their course syllabus.  Faculty may include additional information in their course syllabus, but the common components below constitute the minimum expectations.




*Mandatory First Year Experience (FYE)

Beginning Winter 2014,  students new to GRCC who are enrolled in a degree seeking program and have a high school GPA of less than 3.0 are required to complete a college learning success course, CLS 100 (Introduction to College: New Student Experience).  [Students placing into two or more developmental courses are required to enroll in PY097 instead of CLS 100]

Students have the option of attempting a CLS 100 Challenge Exam.  Passing this exam will exempt a student from the course.


Students must complete the course requirement [CLS 100 or PY 097] their first semester of classes taken at GRCC.


A degree-seeking student who has already successfully completed 12 or more credits of college-level courses at GRCC, another college or university or has received GRCC transfer credit for these courses will not be required to complete CLS 100.


*Library Collection Development

The purpose of the GRCC Library collection is to support and enhance the curriculum and instruction programs at GRCC in order to promote learning and achievement.  The Library serves a diverse community of learners and the collection will reflect an extensive range of subjects, with emphasis placed on general research sources.  Library faculty must adequately develop and maintain the collection using the guidelines set forth in this policy to satisfy the purpose of the collection, the mission of the Library, and the mission of the College.


*Faculty Ethics Policy

Reviewed policy.  Approved with no revisions.


8.2 Mandatory Placement updated policy

  • Under section X. Procedures add MA 098 to the list of courses
  • Under section X. Procedures, update the title to the Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention
  • Under section X. Procedures, add the statement: Students placing into two or more developmental classes are also required to enroll and complete PY 097.  Students will not be permitted to self-enroll until this course has been completed with a grade of C- or higher.


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