Nursing students, faculty travel to Costa Rica


Nursing faculty Sherry Knoppers and Dawn Zuigeest-Craft were scheduled to depart from Grand Rapids today while making their way along with 13  students to Costa Rica as part of a 10-day experience. This experience is part of “AD 245/258 Community/Transcultural Nursing” clinical courses. Students will implement effective strategies to support health promotion and disease prevention using the nursing process, critical thinking and communication skills in a community setting and much more.


  • The Costa Rica AD 248/258 Study Away Proposal was approved on January 14, 2013.
  • All participants were screened and approved (good academic standing, clean code of conduct and background check).
  • In compliance with College Sponsored Travel Policy, all travel documents have been collected and copies provided to Campus Police.
  • Sherry, Chief Whitman, Sara Dorer and Michael Schavey met last week to review emergency and non-emergency protocol.
  • All students are enrolled for Fall 2013.

Let’s wish Sherry, Dawn and our students the best of luck and safe travels!

Daily happenings of their experience can be found at:

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