Employees ‘caught’ showing off customer service skills

1112-3743 Excellence Guidlines

The Student Feedback Management Team is looking to develop a way to recognize employees on campus who have been “caught” demonstrating excellent customer service. As we determine that process, we’d like to start sharing recognitions with you now as we receive them of people who fully role model the GRCC Service Excellence Guidelines.

OB Gladyness, custodian in the Student Center

“I observed this yesterday – He stopped what he was doing to assist a student to find the Main Building. She identified herself as a new student. It wasn’t just the assistance in helping a new student navigate a location that impressed me. He was smiling, talking with the student and saying encouraging comments. He was also listening to the student express how she felt about being new. e.g. ‘You will get this all figured out. It will be OK, you will love it here.’ When she thanked him he said, ‘No problem — I am happy I could help you.’ Service excellence at its best with enthusiasm, a smile, listening and sensing a student needed assistance.”

 — submitted by Tina Hoxie, Associate Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

Alex Moore, Accounts Payable

“You couldn’t ask for a better co-worker than Alex! He is always upbeat, has a smile on his face, and will go the extra mile for anyone. If you are in a pinch, he will jump right in to help you with his great attitude and a smile, and will never skip a beat. If you were in a bad mood or down when you came to work, Alex would have you cracking up within the half-hour. Alex is very deserving of this (recognition), as he goes above and beyond the GRCC Raider Values each and every day.”

— submitted by Melissa Davis, Procurement Specialist

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