Be aware of parking lot work this week

The Bostwick Ramp student/visitor sections will be closed Monday through Wednesday this week (August 19-21). The cattle gate will be closed on the roof and the other gates will be pulled down. Hoekstra Electric will be in the ramp installing lighting fixtures on the first through fifth floors. D.C. Byers will be working on the roof repairing the expansion joints in several locations as well as doing deck coating and re-striping of the exit lanes.

Signs will be up at public entrances to direct all traffic to the Lyon ramp. High profile vehicles (tall vehicles), including construction traffic, should use the Barclay surface lot. Employees should be all set to utilize their parking in the Bostwick ramp. Any remaining work in that area can be done around parked vehicles, just be cautious as you move through the ramp.

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