Parking update

The G-1, G-2, and College Park Plaza parking ramps will be returned to GRCC employee parking effective this evening. All the gates will be down and access will only be granted via RaiderCard. Employees won’t actually be able to get in until approximately 7 a.m. Thursday as we need to change their access manually, but we need to wait until they are gone tonight or they won’t be able to exit their current location. There is still some construction related items/storage in some areas of the parking lots, please be mindful of those items as you move around the ramps. Items are stacked in corners and along walls so we do not believe it will have an impact on parking access.

If you were previously assigned to G1 or G2, you will again have access to those lots. Employees with access to the College Park Plaza lot will be specifically notified, or have been already.

All other parking areas on campus will be restored to normal operations this evening as well. All automation is complete and the lighting project inside the ramp will also be done this afternoon. If you have any questions about your assigned parking location please contact Connie Crumpton-Armjo directly. Again, thank you to everyone for your patience during this process.

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