Nursing students complete service learning project in Costa Rica

The Department of Experiential Learning congratulates Nursing faculty members Sherry Knoppers and Dawn Zuidegeest-Craft for teaching their clinical courses in Costa Rica this summer as part of the Study Away Pilot. Pictures of their experience can be found at

It was such a privilege to be able to travel to Costa Rica with Dawn Zuidgeest-Craft and 13 nursing students for their AD 248/258 Community/Transcultural Nursing clinical. Being able to do service-learning in a developing country offers so much to the students. They are immersed in a different culture and have a chance to feel what it is like for their clients when they come to us for care from another culture. The opportunity to do home visits to schedule clinic appointments allows the students to see client living conditions. They learn basic Spanish aided by interpreters when doing client assessments and are able to present their findings to the Costa Rican physicians who educate the students as they determine the needed course of treatment. It really pushes students out of their comfort zone and enhances learning. They were all so appreciative that the college offered this option for this required nursing course.

~Sherry Knoppers

Learn how you can integrate a study away experience into your course here.

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