Attention GRCC Faculty, Staff, Administration and Students

GRCC Experiential Learning has partnered with Schools of Hope to bring trainings to GRCC. Schools of Hope is a reading program at area Elementary schools. Once you have gone through the training and also passed a back ground check, Schools of Hope: United Way will partner you up with a school and child/children to work with each week. What an awesome opportunity to give back to our community and also help in the educational processes in our community. By giving back we can help a child learn how to read, become a better reader, help in building comprehension skills and language skills, help a student be more successful at school in all areas of their curriculum, and it is one more person telling a child that they are awesome and smart.

Start serving our community and make a difference!

When: Friday September 20 starting at 12:00 (plan on 2 hours to get orientation and back ground paper work completed)

Where: Science Building Room 138

Who should attend:

  1. GRCC Faculty interested in integrating Academic Service Learning into their classes using Schools of Hope.
  2. GRCC Faculty wanting to make a difference in the community and help a child become a better reader.
  3. GRCC students wanting or needing to do an Academic Service Learning Project for their class/classes.
  4. GRCC staff wanting to make a difference in the community and help a child become a better reader.
  5. GRCC Administration wanting to give back to our community and support area educational processes.

GRCC STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO THIS AS WELL. WE WELCOME ALL WHO WANT TO SERVE OUR COMMUNITY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If students are doing it for a class, or just on their own please email Melanie Schiele Gady at or call at 616-234-3430 with who is attending and how many (just so we have enough packets for everyone).

GRCC Faculty and Staff: You can now sign up through the 1) Center of Teaching Excellence or 2) Staff Development website:


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