Congratulations, Teachers of Tomorrow Scholarship recipients!

On Friday, August 23rd, the Education Department hosted the annual Teachers of Tomorrow Scholarship Luncheon to honor 2013-2014 scholarship recipients. These students were Tarah Bertsch, Karianne Brown, Amber DeWater, Mayra Gracia, Samantha Kooiman, Ashley Malin, Tanveer Mangat, Jordan Porter-Kolend, Michelle Radofski, Holly Reil, Carol Rottman, Kendra Sederholm, Amber Van Dillen, Kathryn Vandenberg, and Evelyn Zurita. These exceptional students are held to very high expectations during the year. They must attend Teacher Education Seminars, provide reflections for the Teacher Education Newsletter, volunteer in area schools, meet throughout the year with the Teacher Education Support Coordinator, and keep their grades up. Congratulations to this years scholarship recipients!

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