Photos of combat boot exhibit

Grand Rapids Community College hosted a display of combat boots that women veterans have decorated to share their stories of military service. The Volunteers of America Michigan exhibit, “Her Boots: Step Up for the Stand Down,” is traveling around the state to raise awareness of the unique issues that female veterans face.

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You can still sign up for Fitness Challenge

It’s not too late to sign up for the GRCC Fitness Challenge! Already 189 people have signed up to win one of the 5 $100.00 gift cards at stake! Staff Development has pedometers for you to use so let me know if you need one and I’ll bring one to you or you can come to the Admin building and grab it.

Register here:

Call or email Julie Otte with any questions!

GRCC In the News, 9-5-13

Exhibit of military combat boots, decorated by female veterans, on its way to ArtPrize 2013

Sept. 4, 2013; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — ArtPrize 2013 opens two weeks from today, and work is beginning to arrive.

An exhibition of military combat boots, decorated by women who are veterans, goes on temporary display Thursday at Grand Rapids Community College.

GRCC Pays Tribute To Female Veterans

Sept. 4,2013; WOOD Radio

Grand Rapids Community College this week will display a collection of combat boots decorated by female veterans.

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow explains why federal job training proposal will help GRCC, West Michigan

Sept. 4, 2013; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Pumping federal dollars into a community college job training program would give West Michigan’s economy a boost and help fill a skills gap that has left some employers unable to find qualified workers, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow said Wednesday.

Stabenow, speaking at Grand Rapids Community College, said she wants to create a federal program that would double the number of businesses and workers eligible to participate in the Michigan New Jobs Training Program.

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow unveils plan to double number of workers in high-skilled job-training programs

Sept. 4, 2013; WZZM

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM/AP) — U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow has unveiled a plan designed to boost states’ high-skilled job-training programs.

… She shared details of the proposal Wednesday at Grand Rapids Community College.

Mary Ellen McNaughton exhibits at DCM

Sept. 2, 2013;

Enjoy seeing a retrospective of artwork by artist Mary Ellen McNaughton. A lifetime of creative expression, this show features lively, colorful and often whimsical drawings, paintings, mosaics and sculptures. Inspired by mythology, nature, folk art, and other artists through time, Mary Ellen lives here in Grand Rapids. When not doing art, she enjoys her organic garden, reading and walking her dog, Lorca. Art, Spirituality and Nature these are her passions. Find them in this exhibit! Most of the 34 works are available for purchase through the Dominican Center front desk.

… She continued to paint, mostly images that pertained to the nebulous, to spiritual visions, only to become the collector of her own works. Diverging from painting, she felt drawn to creating in three dimensions in clay and so signed up for an adult ceramics class. She flourished under the instruction of June Gorman, becoming her assistant to load the kiln. Even though her first work exploded (again!), she eagerly learned from her mistakes and successes. Those first creations found their way to the John Ball Park Art Fair and sold (but not the paintings). Soon she borrowed a glass blower’s kiln and set up a studio in her home. More classes followed, an adult pottery class and one at GRCC, but her true direction was handbuilding: coil, slab and pinchpot!

NDSU’s opponent seeing turnaround start to take shape

Sept. 4, 2013; (N.D.)

FARGO — Ferris State was 1-10 in the first year tight end Jace Heneveld spent on campus, a time when football was nowhere near the popularity of hockey at the school located in Big Rapids, Mich.

… One of the transfers, senior offensive lineman Carlin Landingham, began his career at North Dakota State as part of the 2008 recruiting class. He made the NDSU two-deep chart for the 2009 season opener but later transferred to Grand Rapids Community College (Mich.).

Lakeshore’s Medical Assistant classes start September 23

GRCC’s Medical Assistant program will prepare you to perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep health practitioner offices and clinics running smoothly. The course combines classroom lecture, group activity, simulation learning, and a competency-based externship experience. You will be prepared to take the Medical Assistant national certification exam through American Medical Technologists.

Classes at the Lakeshore campus start September 23, 2013, but only a few seats are left. For details, click here.

Additional GVSU workshops added to Staff Development’s fall schedule of offerings


Writing Emails That Get Read

Thursday, September 19, 2013 • 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Room 2215/2216, Russel H. Kirkhof Center

Workshop presented by Kay Losey, Professor of Writing, and Charles Lowe, Associate Professor of Writing

The email inboxes of faculty, staff, and students alike are constantly inundated with emails demanding their attention. Because of the burden of processing all that information, senders must work hard to write messages so that they get read and are understood. In this workshop, we’ll practice strategies for crafting subject lines and introductory text that best communicate your message, describe methods for organizing the content of your emails, and discuss handling emails with file attachments and messages with complex HTML layout. Toward the end of the workshop, we’ll share some tips for answering student email queries. Throughout we’ll invite participants to share their strategies as well.

Making the Transition from Staff to Supervisor

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 • 8:30 am – 11:30 am, Room 2270, Russel H. Kirkhof Center

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 • 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Room 340, The Bicycle Factory

Workshop presented by Beverly Washington, Trainer

Whether you are a new or seasoned supervisor this seminar is for you!  Improve your leadership skills and become a better supervisor.  In addition to gaining a powerful new set of skills, strategies and techniques for dealing with issues you will learn:

  • How to relate to former peers who are now your subordinates
  • Tools to motivate and encourage your employees
  • Options of how to discipline firmly and fairly, without creating resentment from employees
  • Examples of how to handle negative forces such as gossip, rumors, and poor attitudes

This seminar will make you a better supervisor, guaranteed! From earning the trust and respect of your team to organizing your own workload more efficiently, you will gain insights, proven techniques, and innovative strategies that you can put to use as soon as you return to the office!


Bias Incident Protocol Training

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 • 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Room 2215/2216 Russel H. Kirkhof Center

Workshop presented by Members of the GVSU Team Against Bias (TAB)

What is a biased incident?  Do they happen at GVSU?  What do I do if I experience or witness one?  The Team Against Bias (TAB) is a diverse group of faculty, staff and students at GVSU.  The group was created to review information regarding bias incidents and implement strategies to educate and engage the campus community.  TAB is committed to making certain that all faculty, staff and students know what a bias incident is and how to use the protocol for reporting such incidents.  This training is both interactive and practical.

 Leadership Your Team Will Follow

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 • 8:30 am – 11:30 am, Room 2263, Russel H. Kirkhof Center

Workshop presented by Kim Monaghan, HR Career Services for Faculty and Staff Consultant

What are the hallmarks of a great leader? To begin, a great leader is one who understands the importance of capitalizing on the strengths of their team. They also know the importance of creating a healthy and positive work environment by fostering clear and open lines of communication. Finally, great leaders rally their team to align their personal and professional visions with your overall department/organization goals.

In this interactive workshop, you will discover:

  • What makes you a great leader and where are your growth opportunities.
  • How conducting a SWOTS analysis of your department/organization is imperative for goal attainment.
  • Ways to empower your team, help them realize their potential, and foster great working relationships.
  • That the admission of weaknesses doesn’t equate to failure, but rather provides a platform for modeling professional growth and empowerment.

Generational Differences In The Workplace

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 • 8:30 am – 11:30 am, Room 2266, Russel H. Kirkhof Center

Workshop presented by Mitzi Taylor, Not So Basic Training

Increasingly, generational differences are causing conflict and frustration in many organizations. These differences — from how an employee views a dress code or work hours, to how work gets done and what a “full day” of work means — are becoming contentious. Each generation seems to be saying: “What are they thinking?”  Our programs review generational differences and help participants develop an appreciation of how valuable such differences can be. It also identifies the areas where differences are most evident and suggests ways to deal with them. In this session we:

  • Identify the major influences on the four generational groups currently working, how these elements have shaped the generations, and how they have created noticeable differences
  • Identify how issues such as work-life balance are thought of differently by the generations and yet have strong similarities
  • Explore communication differences between the generations (including the varying roles technology plays) and how to deal with the differences
  • Identify the behaviors that are causing work conflicts
  • Develop practical techniques for working with the multiple generations to increase organizational effectiveness, productivity, and harmony


Leading From The Middle

Monday, November 4, 2013 • 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Room 2263, Russel H. Kirkhof Center

Workshop presented by Wendy Wenner, University Professor

Stuck in the middle?–leading from where you are.

Are you a mid-level manager and with ideas for positive change, but feel like you don’t have the positional power to make those changes? This interactive workshop with provide opportunities to explore the possibilities and strategies for assessing the risks, acting with courage, changing your work environment, and leading change from the middle.

Managing Emotions Under Pressure

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 • 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Room 340, The Bicycle Factory

Workshop presented by Joan Epperson, President Global Business Solutions

In today’s busy work environments, emotionally charged situations can occur.  Having the skills and competencies needed to defuse conflict and move the discussion forward is personally and professionally beneficial.  Employees achieve win-win solutions, deliver desired results and create a positive work environment.

During this interactive learning and growth experience, participants will:

  • Develop/enhance the skills and competencies needed to defuse emotional situations.
  • Learn to remain calm and objective; respond with a level head and maintain self-control in the face of adversity.
  • Become skilled at making a quick recovery and helping others do the same.
  • Develop/enhance the skills needed to take charge in difficult situations and keep the discussion moving forward.
  • Seeing the opportunity in a difficult challenge.
  • Learn to apply these systems, strategies, tools and resources to enhance career success, be resilient and live their ideal life!

 **Due to limited number of seats, preference will be given to GVSU employees in the event the workshop is full.

Register for all programs at

or call Staff Development at 234-4285.

New rules for voicemail passwords

As part of a voice mail upgrade that took place several months ago, several users will soon be prompted to change their voice mail password. The new password must be at least 5 digits. It is also recommended that your password:

  • Does NOT spell your first or last name, company name, or any other obvious words.
  • Does NOT contain your primary extension.
  • Is NOT the reverse of your extension and does not contain the reverse of your primary extension.
  • Does NOT use the same digits more than twice in a row (for example, 900012).
  • Is NOT a 1-digit increment of a your previous password or PIN (for example, 20185 to 20186).
  • Does NOT contains fewer than three different digits (for example, 18181).

You will be periodically prompted to change your voice mail password about once every six months. If you received your voice mail account within the last six months, you will be prompted to change it at a later date. Contact the IT Customer Support Desk (234-4357) if you need assistance with your voice mail account.

Fire drill scheduled for September 8

Campus Police and our facilities department will be conducting our first campus-wide fire drills for this academic year on Sunday, September 8th. The drill will be conducted one building at a time and will begin shortly after noon. If you are in a building when the fire alarm is activated, you are expected to evacuate. We will be documenting the time of the drill and the length of time it takes to clear the building.

The State Fire code requires colleges to conduct 8 fire drills a year. We will send out similar notices a few days prior to each drill. If you have any questions please contact Chief Whitman or Lt. Merlo.


Even though you excel at your job there’s always room for improvement. And when it comes to taking a leap to the next position, it’s prudent to plan in advance. A new role with a new team, under new leadership in perhaps a new division brings an entirely new set of expectations. Whether you’re planning to transition soon or not for several years, it’s wise to start implementing strategies that will increase your chances for success. In this workshop, we’ll discuss mandatory professional development expectations, strategies for building your career portfolio and tips for increasing your transition potential.

Staff Development has contracted Kim Monaghan, Career Coach and Consultant, to facilitate the “Moving Up-Preparing for Career Advancement” workshop next week, Thursday September 12th, from 9-11:00 AM in Room 243 ATC.

Seats are still available. Please register online at or call Staff Development at 234-4285.

Policy highlights

Contracting Authority Policy (new)

  • Ensures that contracts that obligate College time or resources receive appropriate review and are signed by appropriate College officials.
  • Defines contracts to include: MOUs, affiliation agreements, clinical agreements, leases, partnership agreements, articulation agreements
  • Only the President, EBCO or their designees may sign contracts.
  • Purchasing agreements that do not obligate the College beyond the current fiscal year and do not have renewal provisions may be signed by the BCO without prior review and approval.
  • The Executive Director of Purchasing may request review of agreements that contain unusual or complex terms and conditions.
  • Establishes a process and timeline for contract review by general counsel and appropriate EBCO.