Sneden Staff Parking

In an effort to help us manage the increased volume of students parking in the Sneden Parking structure, we are asking/reminding all staff that park in the Sneden lot to first use up all available RESERVED parking spaces. There are 47 spaces under the parking structure that are reserved for employees and an additional 6 in the upper east corner of the lot near the Lettinga House. (Not all of the reserved signs specify “GRCC Employee” but that is what they are reserved for.) We will be adding 10 reserved signs near Mable Engle for those that work in that area or must attend a meeting in that building. It is understood that there may be times when all the reserved spaces are full with employee cars, and employees will need to park in the public spaces, but considering students can not park in the reserved spaces without receiving a parking citation we would like to make every effort to free up those open space for our students. Thank you for your assistance.

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