Campus Dining Embraces Art Prize 2013

Campus Dining Services is having a recipe contest to celebrate Art Prize 2013. This contest is open to all staff, faculty and students. Stop by the Campus Dining banner outside of the Raider Grille for contest rules. Top prize includes a $50 Visa Gift Card and a featured spot at The Raider Grille as our weekly special the following week.

Art Prize Recipe Contest Rules.
1. Open to Student, Staff, or Faculty
2. Select any Art Prize entry
3. Create a custom recipe influenced by the art or artist
4. Give a written explanation as to why your food represents the art or artist
5. Submit a picture of the art with your recipe
6. Entries must be received by Oct. 4th at the Raider Grille, Quiet Cafe, or Sneden Cafe

The winner will be announced on Oct. 7th.

Good Luck!!!

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