GRCC Students Help Pack 110,000 Meals

Fourteen GRCC students and Adjunct Instructor Rana Woodhull participated in a Feed My Starving Children Mobil Manna Pack event at Bella Vista Church in Rockford on Saturday, September 14 where they helped to pack 110,000 meals for orphanages and children in countries like Haiti and Uganda:

I had been contemplating a way to integrate a hands-on approach to teach “Marketing a Non-profit Organization”, when I discovered an opportunity to experience a non-profit with my students. Students were able to participate in Feed My Starving Children, after which we are doing reflection activities about the importance of marketing for an organization and how that organization impacts ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Students participated in this event throughout the day on Saturday. The students worked in teams packing the meals and in warehousing the packed meals. The students worked together with students from Cornerstone University, members of Bella Vista Church, and many other visitors to the pack site. The students were made aware of the fact that their two hour contribution made such a huge impact on the number of children who would live to see another day and the number of children that would receive one meal a day for the next year. In all, our students helped to pack enough meals to feed 302 children one meal a day for one year. 302 children who would have the opportunity to grow up and make a difference in their own culture. Our students were able to view a video and several photos of the children that are being helped. We were horrified by the condition of the children before receiving the meals we packed and amazed at the condition of the children after receiving the meals for several weeks and months.

Feed My Starving Children is an organization that provides healthy nutrition to impoverished children around the world. FMSC produces a Manna Pack which contains six servings of the vitamins, veggies, soy and rice (It looks somewhat like the contents of packages of Lipton Sides). Each package is hand packed by volunteers at several permanent pack sites as well as at mobile pack sites. Each Manna Pack box contains 36 packages which is 216 meals. We packed 509 boxes on Saturday!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the “Feed My Starving Children” volunteer opportunity at your church. I enjoyed being part of such a great group and inspiring event. It’s funny how doing something for others helps us as individuals. ~ Brad Boland, BA 270 GRCC Student

To find out more about Feed My Starving Children or to get involved go to:  To find out where this food goes go to:

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