Who Cares? Why Bother? Real Writing for Real People: Wednesday, October 23 and Thursday, October 24

At this event, you will learn how writing relates to your future career, goals and interests. The workshop presenters come from a variety of backgrounds, and you will walk away with knowledge and tools that support your professional and academic success.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this learning experience. All workshops are free and held in the Applied Technology Center (ATC) on GRCC’s main campus.

Wednesday, October 23

8-9am—Szymon Machajewski, “Lapidary Style of Writing in the Age of Information,” ATC 124

8-9am—Jennifer Batten, “Technical Writing at all Stages of a Writing Career in the Sciences,” ATC 120

10-11am—Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, “Journalism Today,” ATC 124

11:15-12:15pm—Paul Krieger, “How I Turned One Good Idea Into a Book Series,” ATC 120

11:15-12:15pm—Virginia VanderVeen, Danielle Thurber-DeGroot and Tim Schilling, “Writing Expectations at Four-Year Institutions,” ATC 124

12:30-1:30pm—Klaas Kwant and Noah DeSmit, “Turning Ideas Into Scripts Into Video,” ATC 120

12:30-1:30pm—Phil Mowers, “What Do Lawyers Do?” ATC 168

12:30-1:30pm—Bree Gannon, James Setchfield Jr. and Chelsie Toering, “The Skill of Giving Feedback,” ATC 124

2-3pm—Ronald Orent, “The Pen is Mightier Than the Stethoscope,” ATC 168

2-3pm—Eric Williams, “Writing is the Difference!!” ATC 124

2-3pm—Dillon Carr, “Writing in the Social Sciences,” ATC 120

3:15-4:15pm—Brian Morris, “Writing and the Professional Musician/Creating from Source,” ATC 124

3:30-4:30pm—Emily Bazelon, Diversity Lecture Series Presenter, “Sticks and Stones,” ATC 168

7pm—Emily Bazelon, “Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy,” Fountain Street Church

Thursday, October 24

8-9am—Bethann Talsma, “Spending Time Too Proofread and Edit You’re Writing, $100; Protecting ur Image, Priceless!” ATC 124

10-11am—John Rumery, “Everything Communicates,” ATC 120

10-11am—Tom Terrill, Kibichii Chelilim, Corinne Cozzaglio and Rachel Bickford, “Writing Expectations at Four-Year Institutions,” ATC 124

11:15-12:15pm—Maryann Lesert, “Writing and Activism,” ATC 124

12:30-1:30pm—Joanne Catania, “Is Being a Police Officer More Guts and Glory or Pen and Paper?” ATC 120

12:30-1:30pm—Kathleen Owens, “How to Use Language to Avoid Stereotypes and Create an Inclusive Community,” ATC 124

2-3pm—Susan Williams and Dr. Robert Hendershot, “‘But This Isn’t an English Class!’: How and Why We Write in History Courses,” ATC 120

2-3pm—Nikki Banks, “Who Cares? Why Bother? The Impact of Excellent Writing Skills in the Field of Criminal Justice,” ATC 124

3:15-4:15pm—Marne Apolo, “Expressive Journaling,” ATC 124

3:15-4:15pm—Moss Ingram, “DNA Test Your Writing,” ATC 120

7pm—Creative Writing Reading, ATC 168

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