Raider Salute for adjunct event

From Human Resources: “We would like to extend a Raider Salute to HR Adjunct Coordinator Lydia Cruz and our many faculty and staff members who participated in our tremendously successful Adjunct Event for Fall 2013 on Saturday, October 19. Sixty-one potential adjunct faculty were welcomed by Associate Deans Casey Cornelius, Paula Sullivan and Bill Faber and enjoyed discussion with GRCC Adjunct Faculty panelists Bertha Chivis, Lourdes Lancel and Cheryl Kautz, and Education Professor Deb Vilmont’s presentation on faculty professional development at GRCC. Faculty members Cedric Williams, Deborah Nordman, Janice Balyeat, Jennifer Batten, Jonathan Larson, Robert Leunk, Robert Long, Tamara Mcdiarmid, and Mike Light assisted in identifying invitees and speaking with them after the presentations. Staff members Teresa Vander Jagt, Tim Zerfas, Dewayn Faber, Jeremy Osborn, Lisa Donaldson, Melissa Polanco-Nunez, and the Human Resources Team rounded out the planning/staffing roles. Thank you to all!”

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