Armen Awards proposals due by November 1

“It’s cool to help nonprofits get stuff done knowing they are low on funding and cannot support additional staff.”

“It’s cool to take the information from the classroom and apply it and see how it works in a real world situation.”

“In the very first five minutes of my service learning project I gained so much confidence.”

“I think service learning can be applied in almost any discipline.”

“I really grew a lot from this experience.”

“It felt like an important project rather than another homework assignment.”

“Service learning helps keep students engaged.”

These are just a few comments from students and faculty who participated in the Armen Awards last year. During the Fall semester, teams of faculty and community organizations come together and design service learning projects that align course and institutional learning outcomes with community partner needs. Each team will submit their service learning project proposal Friday, November 1st, 2013 with the goal of implementing the service learning projects during the Winter 2014 semester.

Watch this short video for of a service learning project from last year.

To receive a copy of the proposal visit

Prizes are given to first, second, and third place teams presented at the Armen Awards Celebration event in April 2014.

1st Prize $3,000
2nd Prize $1,500
3rd Prize $750

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