Fitness Challenge results — and more challenges ahead

A message from Staff Development’s Julie Otte:

As you may know, our Fitness Challenge is over. We walked (jogged, ran, chopped wood, played tag) a total of 43,764,023 steps. We burned almost 2,000,000 calories and lost around 560 pounds total. Go high five somebody – you should be proud!

I would love to congratulate TWO winners today! The first one achieved the most points in the last two weeks of the competition. With 311 points for activates, Chief Rebecca Whitman won a gift card! And Donna Kragt won a drawing of all of the participants (214 of you to be exact)! Congrats!

I cannot tell you how many stories I keep hearing about how this challenge has helped people lose weight, become more aware of their daily activity, become more active and open up conversations with family, friends and students. You all are inspiring!

Since so many of you have done such an amazing job at exercising and becoming more active, the calories that we burned should stay at bay — right? So this year, GRCC will be doing a Hold It for the Holidays Challenge!

And, of course, starting in January, we will be doing another Fitness Challenge —  this time with staff/faculty against students! We can all move more, right?

Stay tuned for information on the Hold it for the Holidays and the January fitness challenges — and congratulations to each and every one of you!

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