Changes made to policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

Closing Campus Due to Severe Weather Conditions (revised)

  • The policy used to be the “Inclement Weather” policy.  Now, it applies to campus closings due to weather or other “emergency” types of events.  (power outages, mechanical failures, etc)
    • The “weather delay” option has been removed
    • Decision making criteria has been added for inclement weather and other events
    • Information regarding facilities staff reporting has been added
    • Definition section has been expanded

11.16 Tax Sheltered Annuities (revised)

  • VIII. Contacts – Updated with new contact information
  • X. Procedures – Revision to wording concerning mailing list

14.3 Complaints Regarding Violations of Privacy and Confidentiality (HIPAA) (revised)

  • VII. Related Document – Added link to GRCC website
  • VIII. Contacts – Updated with new contact information
  • X. Procedures – Updated with new telephone number
  • XII, XIII, XIV – Added – These areas were not in previous document.

14.4 Sanctions for Violations of Confidentiality – Recommendation to eliminate this policy.

14.10  Service Animals (revised): 

  • Distinguishes between a service animal (dog) and other comfort animals.
  • Added provision regarding Miniature Horses
  • Clarified decision making authority regarding the appropriateness of a service animal.
  • Complies with Department of Justice revised regulations on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Title II and Title III
  • Provides notice that the College must permit service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go.
  • Provides guidance about the three questions employeesare permitted to ask regarding a service animal.

8.17 Academic Standing Policy (revised): 

  • From one year suspension to two semesters
  • Early return option after one semester or session suspension with required enrollment in CLS 102 or PY 97 (if required and not passed)
  • Early return student is limited to eight (8) total credits for the semester or session and a student could go back to FT status after the early return semester.
    Effective Winter 2014

The new policies have been added to the website.

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