Bostwick parking ramp to be closed November 26

On Tuesday, November 26th, the final step in the Bostwick parking ramp lighting project will by completed by our contractors. They will need to shut off all electrical power to the ramp all of Tuesday possibly into Wednesday. So to keep things as simple as possible, we will be locking all access to the ramp, as it will be very dark in there in the early morning and evening. If they are not done in one day, and the power is off, we would not be able to close the ramp and for safety reasons we do not want anyone in the ramp after dark.

Any students coming to campus on Tuesday should park in one of our other three parking structures: the Lyon Ramp (Bostwick and Crescent entrance), the Barclay lot (entrance off Barclay south of Lyon, or the Sneden Ramp (off Fountain Street).

Staff and faculty that normally park in the Bostwick ramp should plan to park in the Lyon Ramp – staff parking. The gates will be raised early in the morning by our parking manager. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PARKING PERMIT DISPLAYED IN YOUR CAR ON THIS DATE. If you have questions or concerns on the 26th please call dispatch at 234-4910. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as we finish this project.

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