GRCC In the News, 11-25-13

Colleges partner with GR Community Foundation on scholarship packages

Nov. 24, 2013;

Incentives offered by four West Michigan colleges are helping make a college degree more of a reality for students attending Westwood Middle School and Harrison Park School.

Earlier this month, officials with Aquinas College, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University announced the creation of scholarship packages at their respective schools to support the Grand Rapids Community Foundations Challenge Scholars program.

Editorial: New scholarship a game-changer for Grand Rapids students

Nov. 22, 2013; MLive

Four institutions of higher learning are making an important investment in one of our community’s greatest assets, as their four presidents announced Nov. 8.

… Joining the Grand Rapids Community Foundations multi-million dollar initiative focusing upon students at three West Side elementary schools are four local institutions of higher learning: Aquinas College, Grand Valley State University, Ferris State University and Grand Rapids Community College.

Marine surprises family at Ford Field

Nov. 24, 2013; WOOD TV

DETROIT (WOOD) – A family of Lions fans got the best present possible for Thanksgiving: a family member, serving overseas, returning home.

… Marine Captain Josh Munsee and Michelle Munsee are from the Grand Rapids area and are lifelong Detroit Lions fans. Josh Munsee attended classes at GRCC and GVSU. The Munsees have three children; Becca (age 5), Henry (age 3), and Anna Grace (10 months).

GRCC volleyball can’t defend national title, finishes 6th at NJCAA tournament

Nov. 23, 2013; MLive

TOLEDO, OHIO — Grand Rapids Community College volleyball coach Chip Will acknowledged it would have been great to win back-to-back titles, but he is extremely pleased with how his young team played in a sixth-place finish at this week’s national tournament

Email to get upgrade

The GRCC staff and faculty email (GroupWise) will be upgrading to a new version on Thursday, November 28th 2013. The GroupWise email will not be available from 10 P.M. on Thursday, November 28th until Saturday, November 30th at 12 P.M.

What this means to you:

  • All existing emails (including archived messages, calendar items, reminder notes, etc.) will be saved. You will not lose messages during this transition.

What you need to be aware of after the transition:

  • The Web version of GroupWise ( will have a new look and contain more features.
  • If you’re currently utilizing GWMC to sync email with your phone, you should not have to change any of your phone settings.
  • Automatic forwarding from GRCC GroupWise email to other email accounts ( Global forwarding) will be available in the new version of GroupWise.
  • Your GroupWise email client (the one installed on your GRCC computer) will need to be upgraded. You will be able to update your software beginning December 1st 2013 by going to Application Explorer and running the update while on campus. (The existing version on your computer will still work until you update.)
  • Mac users do not need to upgrade to a new version of GroupWise; they are already up to date.

We appreciate your patience during this upgrade. If you have any questions regarding this, please call the IT Customer Support Help Desk at 234-HELP (4357).

Thank you for your understanding.

Shut down computers, electronics for Thanksgiving break

Our faculty and staff members are pitching in to save energy, and for that, we’re thankful! As you prepare for the holiday, take a few minutes to ready your area for the long shutdown. To make sure that we do not waste any energy over this holiday weekend please remember to do the following:

  • Remember to shut off all computers and monitors in your classroom when classes are done
  • Before you close that door for the long weekend, LOOK AROUND, is there anything still powered ON that doesn’t need to be?
    • Turn off your computer, monitor, speakers, and local printers
    • Unplug chargers for cell phone, camera, and other electronics
    • If possible, empty and unplug any refrigerators and other small appliances
  • Close curtains and blinds to help retain building heat
  • Remember that personal portable space heaters are not permitted in college buildings unless provided by the Facilities office. If you have a space heater, please be sure to take it home during the break

For energy inquiries or troubleshooting heating/cooling issues please contact Dorothy Sadony at 4700 or


Mon Dec 2, 2013 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM in Room 122 LRC (Diversity Learning Center multi-purpose room)

This learning session is designed to brief all screening committee team members regarding their roles and responsibilities in the search process. Topics that will be covered include:

A.  Overview of Search Process

B.  Position Approval Process

C.  Recruitment/ SAAR Notebook Review Including:

  1. Screening Committee & Leadership Roles
  2. Candidate Screening/ Recruitment Solutions Training
  3. Interview Questions, Presentations/Demonstrations
  4. Diversity Considerations and Goals
  5. Effective Evaluation Tools and Consensus Decision-Making
  6. Human Resources Responsibilities.

Learning Objectives: Participants will understand their role in the selection of excellent candidates for staff and faculty positions and the hiring objectives, and legal parameters for assessing and recommending future staff and faculty members.

Workshop facilitated by employees in the Diversity Learning Center and Human Resources Department.

Staff and Faculty, please register online at or call Staff Development at ext. 4285.

Honors biology students discuss book over breakfast

Biology professor Laurie Foster recently hosted an Honors Biology breakfast, where they discussed Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

The book explores the history of Henrietta Lacks, a poor black tobacco farmer known to scientists as HeLa. Her cells — taken without her knowledge in 1951 — became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization and more. While her cells have been bought and sold by the billions, she remains virtually unknown, and her family still lives in poverty.

Students engaged in a rich discourse about the collision of ethics, race and medicine. This is a story that is forever connected to the dark history of experimentation on African Americans, and the birth of bioethics.

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CIS faculty, staff donate $750 in gift cards to needy students

giftcardpicThe faculty and staff in the CIS department collected $750 to donate Thanksgiving Meal Gift Cards to 25 CIS students and their families. This is the 7th annual collection of funds to help our students during Thanksgiving. At other times of the year, we have a collection box for non-perishable items we donate to the the Student Food Pantry.

Some of the comments received from recipients include:

  • “This is so kind of the faculty to offer this to students in need. My Mom is divorced and provides for me and my sister. Last winter she was very stressed about bills and I tried to help her out when I could. She doesn’t not have a college education and works a full time job along with a part time job. I would love to give her a gift card to help her out. My mother and I would be beyond thankful for anything you could do!”
  • “I just want to say thank you to all that are involved with these gift cards and raising money to help out students. A very generous gesture and it is very much appreciated.”
  • “Thank you very much! This will really help our family this Thanksgiving money’s really tight this year.”
  • “Thank you so much! Please express my gratitude to the other faculty members as well. It’s a great help this time of year and it is very much appreciated. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!”
  • “Thank you and your coworkers for taking up a collection for us students. Sometimes it seems that the staff doesn’t care, but this proves that statement wrong. Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas.”

Biology professor completes second edition of human physiology book

Paul Krieger, Professor of Biology, just completed authoring and illustrating the second edition of his book entitled A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Physiology. This is part of a successful four-book series Paul created with Morton Publishing beginning eleven years ago. The new edition will be printed in December and will be available in both in print and ebook formats beginning in January 2014.

Office Depot holiday schedule

Below is the Office Depot Holiday Schedule. Please note the following dates, as deliveries will not be made on the dates we are closed. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If an order is placed on a date that our delivery centers are closed, they will not deliver the next open business day. It will be PICKED on the next open business day and delivered on your next scheduled delivery date. It’s never too soon to inform your end-users and have them mark their calendars!! 🙂 Have a great holiday season!!


All Delivery Centers work Wednesday 11/27 for Monday 12/2 Delivery.

All Delivery Centers are closed Thursday and Friday, 11/28 and 11/29. Orders placed Thursday to

Sunday will be picked on Monday 12/2 and delivered on Tuesday 12/3.


All Delivery Centers work on 12/23 for 12/24 delivery.

All DC’s are closed on 12/24 and 12/25.

Orders placed on 12/24 and 12/25 will be picked on 12/26

and delivered on 12/27.

New Year’s:

All Delivery Centers work Tuesday 12/31 for Thursday 1/2 Delivery

Math seminar to look at significant digits

The Grand Rapids Community College Mathematics Department will host its last Mathematics Seminar of the Fall 2013 semester on Thursday, December 5, 3:00 – 4:00 PM in 107 Cook.  Our presenter, GRCC Mathematics Instructor Dana Sammons, will discuss the importance of, and the mathematics behind, significant digits.

The mathematics in this seminar will be accessible to anyone with good number sense, and should be of interest to those who wish to accurately represent the results of mathematical analyses of real-world problems.  Everyone in the greater GRCC community is welcome.

Pop and cookies will be served at 2:45 PM.

Significant Figures: The Mathematics Behind Their Significance

 Significant Figures are:

  • those digits that carry meaning contributing to its precision (Wikipedia)
  • the number of important digits in an expression (Whatis)

Just as many people believe what they read on websites like Wikipedia and Whatis when it might not be justified, often people believe that numbers are significant without carefully considering whether they deserve it.

In “The Pedagogy of Poverty vs. Good Teaching,” M. Abraham suggests we should provide students with a meaning-driven curriculum. If we are to analyze, discuss and interpret the meaning of the results of calculations with any integrity, we must know with what precision we should assign the numbers.

This talk will look into the mathematics behind the “rules” associated with significant figures, including some of the suggested improvements people have made over time.

ESP Collecting Items for Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

The ESP employee group is collecting much needed items for the Grand Rapids Home for Veteran’s, from 10/28 – 12/19/13, for the holiday season.

Items needed include:

  • Gift cards or certificates to fast food restaurants (such as McDonald’s)
  • Lap blankets
  • New or gently used clothing – size 2x or larger
  • 100 piece puzzles
  • Personal toiletries:  body wash, mouthwash, deodorant, or cologne (for men or women)
  • Pencils and letter writing pads/kits
  • Postage Stamps

Donations will gladly be accepted at any of the following locations around campus:

  • Colleen Copus (x2103) – Math Tutorial Lab – Rm 105 Cook Bldg.
  • Tracy Payne (x3673) – Rm 101- Sneden Hall
  • Janis Qualls (x4248) –  Rm 318 – Science Bldg.
  • Francisco Ramirez (x3181) – Enrollment Center – 1st Floor Main Bldg.
  • Kathy Kolehouse (x3940) – Rm 100 – Music Bldg.
  • Kim Musser (x4253) – College Park Plaza – 2nd Floor Lobby

Items will be collected every Thursday, then dropped off at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans on Friday, December 20th.   We would appreciate your support.  Please help us, to help them. Thank you.