Changes to policies

A summary of recent changes to several college policies:

Summary of Changes to Policy 3.5 Tobacco Free Environment

  • Updated title to reference Tobacco and E-Cigarette Free
  • Updated to include medical marijuana
  • Updated to include e-cigarettes
  • Added definitions for medical marijuana and e-cigarettes
  • Struck outdated term “Learning Academy”
  • Struck information related to tobacco free card distribution
  • Struck the word “tobacco” to refer to the policy being inclusive of more than tobacco

11.3 Professional and Institutional Memberships

  • III.           Add and any applicable employee reimbursement to last sentence
  • VIII.        Change to Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • IX.           Change NA to None
  • X.            Change personal to personnel in the last sentence
  • XI.           Delete Professional
  • XIII.        Add Updated December 2013
  • XIV.        Change to December 2018

12.7 State of Michigan Capital Outlay Request Process

Committee proposes to eliminate this policy as it is no longer necessary and the College does not have official policies for many of our other required state/federal submissions.

TRiO/SSS collects books for Cook Library Center

triobooksThe TRiO/Student Support Program would like to thank all the amazing staff and faculty who helped us make the One Book – One Cook Library Scholar program a success!!!!

Thank-you, you’re awesome and truly made this a special holiday for the Cook Library Scholars – who will be enjoying some happy reading time!!!!   Rosario Montes-Sutton, Sara Dorer, Lynnae Selberg, Jennifer Batten, Paul Phifer, Katie Hughes, Terri Tillman, Molly Maczka, Emily Nisley, Pat Missad, Liz Tyrell, Anne Sherman, Karen Murphy, Bill Faber, Seth King York, Jill Woller-Sullivan, Angela Long, Jennifer Keessen, Teri Dilworth, Sarah Rose, Casey Cornelius, Andre Fields, Magdalena Montes-Spruit, Nicole Marshall, Ron Ralya, Tom Neils, Langston Gant, and Whitney Harper.

The Cook Library Center – located on Grandville Avenue SW – focuses on the intellectual development of children and adults. After-school programs include homework help, computer usage, mind-expanding games such as chess and Scrabble, storytelling events, and field trips to cultural institutions, colleges, and universities.

Cook Library Scholars is designed to engage families as it prepares youth in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood to achieve academic success and to serve as future leaders. The year-round program offers after-school and summer support in reading, writing and math, along with a mentorship program, arts education, leadership and life skills training, and other enrichment activities.

If you want to learn about the Cook Library – go to:

GRCC In the News, 12-19-13

College notes: Grand Rapids’ Duke Mondy leads nation in steals with Oakland basketball

Dec. 18, 2013; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Duke Mondy swears he didn’t know how many steals he had against Michigan State.

… Mondy said he tries to keep up with how Catholic Central is doing in sports and keeps in contact with his former coach T.J. Carnegie, who now coaches the men’s basketball team at Grand Rapids Community College.

Google Glass Added to GRCC Digital Initiative

One of the goals of the GRCC Digital Initiative is “to provide faculty and students with access to emerging and innovative technological resources that extend, improve, and enhance teaching and learning.” To that end, DLIT has joined the Google Glass Explorer program.

Go to to see resources and communications about the progress of the project. DLIT is currently field testing the device and considering how the augmented reality functions and growing number of apps can benefit teaching and learning at GRCC.

Don’t be surprised if you see one of us wearing Google Glass at an upcoming event. If you do spot us, don’t be shy. We would love to let you try them on and see what they can do!

A special thanks to Jose Mora and Jeremy Osborn for making this project a reality!